Embodied Psychotherapy - Dance, Movement and Verbal Psychotherapy

Therapy services
Individual, group, couples and family therapy services.  In sessions with Cara we will work together to utilize both traditional talk therapy and dance/movement therapy to support your therapeutic work.  Dance therapy is defined by the American Dance Therapy Association (www.adta.org) as: the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of individuals. Research in neuroscience has begun to demonstrate the importance of non-verbal body work to create and facilitate lasting change in one's life.  Contact Cara to set up a free initial consultation

Parent/Child (1-2 year olds) Dance Therapy Play Group
In cultures across the globe parents/caregivers universally engage in some form of movement, play and song to support the budding relationship between themselves and their children.  Psychiatrist Allan N. Schore talks about how caregiver-child attachment supports the neurobiological development of infant and young children's limbic brain and future "...expansion, of the child's coping capacity".  This group will be a safe and supportive environment for caregivers and young children.  We will use movement, song and play to facilitate the deepening of attachment between caregiver and child.  In addition to supporting the development of a support network between the caregivers in the group.  The group will meet once a week from 11-12:15 pm, in Chelsea, NYC.  Contact Cara for more information and registration details.

Clinical Supervision and Consultation
Cara offers both individual and group supervision for R-DMT's working toward the Board Certification in Dance/Movement Therapy. Cara's approach integrates both dance/movement and talk into the supervisory experience to support the understanding and development of your theoretical framework of Dance/Movement Therapy. 

Consultation services are also available for clinicians within hospitals, clinics, day treatment and educational settings.  This service can be set up as a one time workshop or case conference wherein an integrated body approach to a client case can be explored.  Or, we can work in an on-going clinical consultation manner.  Wherein, supervision of a group of clinicians can be facilitated through an integrative mind/body perspective. Contact Cara for more details.  

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